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Aka seesaw


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The Aka seesaw was designed as seating furniture for the campus of the State Academy of Fine Arts. The 7 m long and 2.40 m wide seesaw has a stepped seating area on both sides. Wooden frames made of 15 mm thick OSB panels form the substructure. The seating area is spanned by a roof made of plastic sandwich elements with herringbone folding structure. The standard sandwich panels were cut to size as individual elements, the intermediate layer was reinforced along the edges and glued together flush. The folding gives the roof surface increased rigidity, so that with a material thickness of only 26 mm a length of 7.0 m can be spanned self-supporting.


State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart

Our service

Structural design LP 1-5


State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart: Stephan Engelsmann, Valerie Spalding


Workshops of the architecture department, students of the class for structural design

Planning and construction



IQ Tec Germany, Egger Holzwerkstoffe, Stuttgarter Studentenwerk e.V.

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